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Instructions for using magnesium silicate as a filter oil

Magnesium silicate (xMgO•ySiO2•nH2O) is one of the silicate series products in the food production process.It is used as an adsorbent. The product is an amorphous white ultrafine powder with good fluidity and granule.

It is a porous structure and is an amphoteric compound, so the product has both acid and alkali adsorption properties. Magnesium silicate adsorbent is used in oils.

In the refining of the product, not only the alkaline pigments and fatty acids of the oil product species can be adsorbed, but also some bad smell can be adsorbed,contains odorous compounds, so it has an excellent adsorption effect on pigments and odors in oil. At the same time it can reduce the acid value of oil.The peroxide value, the saponification value, etc., stabilize the oil, thereby achieving the effect of refining the oil product.


2. Basic Information:

English name: Magnesium silicate

CAS number: 1343-88-0

Molecular formula: xMgO•ySiO2•nH2O


3.Product specification:

Appearance: An amorphous ultra-fine white powder with good fluidity.


4. Using Instruction:

The oil to be treated is placed in a refining kettle, and the temperature is raised to a certain temperature (80 to 150 ° C) while stirring, and added at once the magnesium silicate. The weight of magnesium silicate is controlled 0.5% to 2% the weight of oil to be treated ( can be directly inhaled by vacuum to prevent dust).


After that, vacuum adsorption treatment is carried out to control a certain degree of vacuum, and the adsorption treatment time is controlled within 20-30 minutes. The product adsorption treatment is completed, the product is cooled and circulated, and the filtrate is collected when the oil is clear and transparent to obtain a finished refined oil.


Grease is an important raw material in the food industry and essential for people's eating habits. With the development of the catering industry, the demand for frying oil is getting bigger and bigger. At the same time, the fried food has a good flavor and crisp taste, which is deeply loved by consumers. With the popularity of food safety awareness, the oil is frying. Quality changes in the process become a food safety concern of consumers.


During the frying process, the frying oil is exposed to the high temperature for a long time, and the contact with oxygen causes the triglyceride oxidized in the frying oil. It produces a large amount of liquid oxides, peroxides, aldehydes, ketones, acids and hydrocarbons. They will be brought into the human body with the fried food, which is extremely harmful to human health. Therefore, the safety of oil has become a consumer, scientific community and the concern of producers of oils and fats and the manufacturing of fried foods.


According to these conditions, we have found through experimental research that the frying oil treated with magnesium silicate can still achieve the Hygienic standard for the oil after prolonged frying.