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Magnesium Silicate Powder Exported to USA

Magnesium silicate power (xMgO•ySiO2•nH2O) is the widely used adsorbent material in food industry with the CAS No. 1343-88-0 which is also called oil filter. Magnesium silicate is an amorphous white ultra-fine powder with good fluidity and granule.

Our USA customer sent us a inquire in April. He introduced the usage and specifications of magnesium silicate he needed. And he told us another famous brand of Magnesium silicate was still in use. But now the purchasing price is increasing, which is far beyond the cost they could afford. So the customer wanted to find a instead magnesium silicate supplier. To ensure our product was suitable for their product, we sent 1kg magnesium silicate power sample to the customer for testing. The customer was excited to tell us the testing result was very well, even better than the goods they used before. While our price was much lower than the price they bought before. So the customer placed an order of 10mt directly.

The customer preferred to the 25kg kraft paper bag, 1mt shrapped with one pallet. We packed the goods according to customer’s request. The magnesium silicate powder had been shipped out on May 10th, 2019 already. Our customer was very satisfied with our magnesium silicate powder product and service. He said he will place another order of one container in early June, this year.