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What are the applications of calcium peroxide?

Calcium peroxide is an ecologically pure substance, which can be used in different fields of industry and agriculture.

In environmental protection it is used:

>>for treating waste water and remediation of groundwater

>>for decontaminating soil

In agriculture it is used:

>>as fertilizing rich with oxygen;

>>for stimulating seed growth and their germinating power;

>>for presowing treatment of rice seed, which allows to do planting not by seedlings, but by  dry seeds, coated with calcium peroxide. Such a technique sufficiently decreases work expenditure and increases crop capacity.

In aquaculture it is used:

>> to provide sufficient dissolved oxygen;

>> to adjust pH value;

>> to reduce the subaqueous content of ammonium and nitrogen;

>> to eliminate carbon dioxide and sulfureted hydrogen;

>> to prevent anaerobe from proliferation and killing nosogenetic bacteria, defecating aqueous body;

In poultry-raising it is used:

>> to decontamination of fodder;

>> to increase productivity, hens safety and improving their eggs.

In cattle-breeding it is used:

>> for prophylaxis of casein-stone formation in the abomasum and diarrhoea with newborn calves;

>> as an antimicrobic effect;

>> for stimulating protective organism strength;

>> for normalizing activity of the alimentary canal;

>> for activizing digestion work;

>> for great increasing live-stock safety.

In precious metal production it is used:

>> for leaching precious metals in the formation of cyano complexes (particularly complexes with gold and/or silver) from ores, ore concentrates, and other particle-shaped, solid materials.

In bakery industry it is used:

>> to improve bread crumb and its porosity;

>> to keep moisture in dough during its baking;

>> to initiate yeast growth.

In dental care it is used:

>> for tooth bleaching